Workbench-1 An Introduction to the show

  • Join George (KJ6VU) and Jeremy (KF7IJZ) as they introduce “The Workbench”, HamRadio360’s new amateur radio building/making oriented mini-series podcast.

Workbench-2 Hand Tools

  • George @KJ6VU and Jeremy @KF7IJZ take a look at uses of and options for hand tools at the workbench.
  • They highlight the tools that are practical and useful with many suggestions on what to buy and what features to look for when considering your purchase.

Workbench -3 Power Supplies

  • George @KJ6VU and Jeremy @KF7IJZ take a look at power supplies for working on radios and electronic projects.
  • They breakdown the different types of power supplies, what to look for and make some shopping suggestions.

Workbench-4 Meters

  • George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ take a deep dive on Digital Multimeters, RF Power Meters, and DC Power meters for your workbench!
  • MCM Electronics sponsors a give away and we answer listener questions.

Workbench-5  Oscilloscopes Part 1

  • George and Jeremy are joined at the Workbench by Alan Wolke W2AEW for a two part session to deep drive on oscilloscope features and applications.  In part one, we introduce the oscilloscope, what it’s used for, some introductory concepts, and some comparisons of analog and digital scopes.
  • MCM Multimeter Winner: Andrew Rohne KE8P

Workbench-6 O-Scopes Part 2

  • George KJ6VU, Jeremy KF7IJZ, and Alan W2AEW is they continue their discussion on Oscilloscopes.  In Part 2, the conversation shifts to focus on Digital Oscilloscopes and their uses.

Workbench-7 Matt Berggren of Autodesk

  • We interview Matt Berggren of Autodesk-he is responsible for Eagle PCB tools, Autodesk Circuits, and Tinkercad.

Workbench-8 Antenna Analyzer with Beric (K6BEZ)

  • George and Jeremy sit down with Beric Dunn (K6BEZ), the designer of our Antenna Analyzer project! Beric is a professional RF design engineer by trade, and he wanted to provide a project that would allow a ham to learn some fundamental principles while making a useful gadget.

Workbench-9 Designing an Idiot Switch

  • George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ are joined by Beric Dunn K6BEZ and Nick Garner N3WG to design an “idiot switch” – a micro controller device that can remove power from a soldering iron in case when the user leaves it turned on too long (Like Jeremy himself did with a Hakko FX-888).  Join the gang in this episode to hear different approaches for solution design, implementation approach, and the ultimate consensus at the end.

Workbench-10 Intro to PCB Design

  • We announce the details of the Antenna Analyzer project!  George teaches Jeremy about all the facets of DIY printed circuit board (PCB) design using CadSoft Eagle.  George discusses Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and an overview of PCB fabrication.

Workbench-11 Shopping for your Bench/Shack

  • George and Jeremy enjoy a fireside chat about shopping for your Workbench and Shack.  Loads of Links and Ideas.

Workbench-12 Building the Antenna Analyzer

  • George and Jeremy breakdown what it takes to build the new HR360/K6BEZ Antenna Analyzer and where to find all the information you’ll need to make it happen!

Workbench-13 All about 3D Printing

  • Jeremy, KF7IJZ and George, KJ6VU talk Everything 3D Printing.  The questions you’ve had about printing for your hobby needs are finally answered!  Where to start? What equipment do you need? Suggested software, tutorials and more are all here!

Workbench- 14 Components and Parts

  • George and Jeremy catch up on the news and explore some basic electronic components/parts and where to find them.

Workbench-15  Micro Controllers in the Real World

  • George and Jeremy explore how to connect micro controllers and single board computers to circuits and sensors to interface with the real world.  They discuss both analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as the most common ways of interfacing with components such as sensors.

Workbench-16  Wireless Comms for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers

  • George and Jeremy continue the conversation on communicating with Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers.  They deep dive on wireless ways of communicating from direct RF links to WiFi.

Workbench-17 Building the BayNet Repeater Site Monitoring System

  • George and Jeremy catch up on the news and then bring all of the Microcontroller info together as they break down the building of the Sierra Radio Systems Bay-Net Repeater Groups Site Monitoring System.

Workbench – 18 What you Missed at Bay-Con 17

  • In this episode of the Ham Radio 360-Workbench we visit Bay-Con.
  • Bay-Con is the Silicon Valley’s Bay-Net yearly convention packed full of intriguing speakers and presentations!

Workbench- 19 Listener Workbench Projects

  • Jeremy chats with some of our listeners to talk about what’s on THEIR workbenches.
  • Mike KM4VKR discusses his upgrades to the Antenna Analyzer
  • Vance N3VEM talks about building his own digital mode interface for his iPhone
  • Smitty KR6ZY  learning about his multi-band WSPR experiences

Workbench- 20 Listener Projects pt 2

  • Rex KE6MT builds a digital doorbell
  • Jeff KK9JEF builds a 40m CW transceiver
  • Don KG5IWL builds a Bit-X transceiver and a custom case.

Workbench- 21 New Build Projects

  • Join Jeremy and George as they discuss future Workbench Build projects currently under development including the Power Monitor/Low Voltage Disconnect/Power Switch and the Intelligent 25W Dummy Load

Workbench- 22 Making it with Ham Radio

  • This week, George and Jeremy are joined by Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF and Mark Smith KR6ZY to talk about Ham Radio’s role in the “Making” hobby/community and the role of community in the “Making” portion of the Amateur Radio hobby.

Workbench- 23 Getting Ready for Hamvention

  • This week, George and Jeremy explore the treasure trove of Dayton through the eyes of the builder!  They layout the parts, tools, test equipment, and components that you can find at Hamvention to outfit your workbench with.

Workbench- 24  Hamvention Forum & follow up

  • In this episode of the Workbench, you get a front row seat for the Hamvention Workbench Forum on Saturday!  Listen in as we discuss why – It Has Never Been a Better Time to be a Ham (Especially if you like to build things).   Following the Forum Presentation Jeremy brings in some of our last interviews from Hamvention 2017.

Workbench- 25   Ham Radio @ Maker Faire Bay Area & Field Day Preps

  • On this episode of the Workbench, George and Jeremy are joined by Beric K6BEZ, David W6DTW, and Kenneth W6KWF.  The gang debriefs us on the 2017 Maker Faire Bay Area and the role and presence of Amateur Radio.  We also talk about our Field Day 2017 plans.

Workbench- 26 BITX40 – An Introduction

  • Smitty, KR6ZY joins George and Jeremy to talk the BitX40, the popular $60 40M 7W SSB transceiver “kit” available from .  Smitty gives a great general introduction on the radio, its capabilities, and its opportunities.

Workbench- 27 Field Day AAR

  • This week, George and Jeremy take a look back at Field Day 2017 and the things that we made to make it a great one. We also spend some time with Jason K6DGN to talk about his USB HT Battery Charger and some of his other interests.

Workbench- 28:   Microwave Ham Radio

  • This week, George and Jeremy talk with Brian Yee, W6BY, about building and operating ham radio gear for the microwave bands. There is a surprising amount of activity in the microwave spectrum and getting on the air is easier than you might think.

Workbench- 29: Summertime Workbench Projects

  • This week on the Ham Radio 360 Workbench Podcast, George and Jeremy discuss their summer workbench projects.
  • George has been busy trying to build the ultimate portable Field Day setup around his Elecraft KX3.
  • Jeremy has been busy learning more about Software Defined Radios with Airspy devices and accessories and using SpyServer software to remotely stream RF data over his network.

Workbench- 30: Remote Operations

  • This week George is joined my Michael VA3MW to deep dive on remotely operating your station from just about anywhere you have internet access. Unfortunately Jeremy experienced severe technical difficulties and was unable to join the call.

Workbench- 31: Field Radio Maker

  • This week, Jeremy is back and he’s brought along John Jacobs, W7DBO, host of the new Field Radio Podcast! John introduces his show and talks about the skills that he uses as a maker to build field portable gear including design and 3D Printing.

Workbench- 32: Frequency References

  • This week, Dr. Frank Howell K4FMH joins Jeremy and George to talk about GPS Disciplined Oscillators and Frequency References for your workbench..

Workbench- 33: Hacking the BitX 40

  • Mark “Smitty” Smith KR6ZY is back with us again to share with us the modifications and upgrades he’s made to the original BITX40 over the summer. In this episode, we discuss adding upper sideband capabilities, adding an IF shift, and even multibanding the radio! Smitty shares lots of great resources and ideas in this episode of the Workbench.

Workbench- 34:  Digital Radio Roundtable

  • This week George and Jeremy host a roundtable discussing the differences and similarities between some of the most popular digital voice communication modes available to amateurs today.
  • They are joined by Rod Hardman VA3ON (DMR), Rich Timpa KC6OBJ (DStar), David Ranch KI6ZHD (Yaesu System Fusion), and Randy Neals W3RWN (Allstar).

Workbench- 35:  Packet Radio

  • Continuing the discussion of digital technologies in Ham Radio, George and Jeremy invite Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF back to do a very deep dive on Packet Radio, AX.25, and KISS modes.
    We talk TNCs, equipment, and practical applications of Packet Radio this week on The Workbench.

Workbench- 36: Build Projects, Pacificon, G8BBC (Junk Drawer vol 1)

  • The Junk Drawer – a random collection of useful and invaluable items. This week George and Jeremy bring you a veritable hodge podge of exciting ham radio content!
  • PowerFilm Solar shares an exclusive offer for HamRadio360 listeners.
  • George gives a preview of progress on build projects. He then shares interviews with SteppIR, Flex Radio, and Novexcomm from Pacificon.
  • Our friends at the ICQ Podcast share an exciting announcement about G8BBC, the official BBC Ham Radio Station.

Workbench- 37:  Workbench Shopping Show!

  • This week, we’re joined by previous guests Nick KN6NK, Rod VA3ON, and Smitty KR6ZY. This inspiring discussion will give you plenty of ideas for tools, test equipment, supplies, and stocking stuffers to add to your holiday workbench wish list!

Workbench- 38:  HF Amplifiers with KG6IRW

  • This week David Shoaf KG6IRW from Elecraft joins George and Jeremy to turn it up to 11! David walks us through an introduction to HF amplifiers by discussing amplifier technology, characteristics, features, and considerations one must make before purchasing. Along the way, David familiarizes us with the Elecraft HF amplifier line, 100 watts through full 1500 watt legal limit!

Workbench- 39: Into 2018 and Beyond

  • We look at the future of the Ham Radio Workbench and discuss 2018 projects and plans! Starting in February 2018, you will no longer get Ham Radio Workbench in the Ham Radio 360 podcast feed. Please find us in your favorite podcast app and subscribe to Ham Radio Workbench.

Workbench- 40: Ham Radio Workbench: AMSAT Phase 4B Ground Station Design

  • A geostationary amateur satellite has been a dream for US Hams for years. The AMSAT Phase 4B program aims to deliver on this dream. Michelle Thompson W5NYV joins us to discuss the AMSAT Phase 4B program and her role in leading the Ground Station team.