K4CDN is Now 100% Listener Supported!

So what does that really mean?  Well, to best serve you-the listener, I’ve decided to restart without any corporate funding on the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  I’ve had some awesome show sponsors in the past, but looking forward, I want to do it differently-and allow you, the listener the opportunity to help pay the bills in real-time-100%.

Yep, even lowly podcasts have bills to pay, and to continue what I’ve begun I’m going to need you to contribute your hard earned funds to the cause.  There’s Monthly Web-hosting, File Hosting, Domain Cost, Needed Equipment and most importantly-My Time; it takes a lot of it to create the HR360 show and maintain the community.  Not to mention, the family would love to see dad generate some revenue 🙂

So, I’m presenting to you the opportunity to give to keep it going-yes, it’s gonna take that-and I think you’re up for it!

There are a variety of ways to help me fund this site and the Podcast.
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Plus using my Amazon Affiliate Link is a great help too!
Check below to see what best fits your budget.

Thank you! I appreciate your support of the show-site-community.
I also want to thank you in advance for sharing the show with all of your Ham Radio friends!


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Thank you for your consideration!
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