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  1. Cale, I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your podcast. I have been in radio a few years (you can check out my website) and appreciate your approach. The quality of your podcast is also great. It appears that you either ask your guest to record their side and you put it together or use google hangout or Skype. Whichever, the quality is great. I just listened to your packtenna episode…the primary guest sounded great the other person (still very good) but had a more digital sound. Anyway, you are providing an incredibly wonderful podcast. I am also interested in your objective of reaching “younger hams”. I think this is a huge opportunity. In my case for example, I have two daughters (grandkids) and we live in the bay area where natural disasters are always a possibility. When I was on KCBS during the 1989 earthquake here one of the issues was communication. This is where reaching young people offers an opportunity for you. My daughters are studying for the tech license so we can connect via bay area repeaters. One of my daughters is studying to be a pilot, again, another opportunity to reach a younger audience. Great work. Jerry Kay

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