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    1. I sent you an email with how’d I’d try to do it as an Android user. and from Jeremy…

      Open Podcasts App
      Tap the “Search” button in the bottom right hand corner.
      Type “Ham Radio 360” in the search bar (w/o quotes)
      At the bottom of the page, results will show the Ham Radio 360 Logo under “Podcasts” – Tap This
      Tap the “Subscribe” link, and wait till it turns white.

  1. I have just recently discovered your website and because of that immediately got in contact with and ordered a go-kit in an ammo box from one of your sponsors (Commstogo.com). I am also in the process of listening to all of your archived podcasts and learning a great deal. Thanks for your service and 73. Alan – KZ6B

  2. hey guys I am studying like heck up here in Labrador Canada,to me this is the only ham pod cast I am trying to catch up
    currently on ep 20.
    when I do get licenced I will be a V02
    so I look forward to working all of you when I finally get licenced. we currently have no certified testers up here but we have one guy trying to get his examiners certificate. so I hope ill be able to get my licence soon till then ill be listening
    future ham operater vo2 ??? signing off

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