Packet Radio Rides Again!  


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October 26, 2017 2:24 pm  

Hi Workbench guys:

I'm an old ham, but "new" again... having received my no code tech in 1994 while in High School.  Back in those days we ran packet stations to our buddies, and this was prior to us having "real" email addresses.

I loved getting off the bus, running into my shack and seeing that "mail" LED blinking on my Kantronics KPC-3.  And connecting to other nodes, and seeing the "hops" was always fun.

We ran packet for a while, and then we started going to college, and then BAM! we all have "real" email addresses all of a sudden.  Plus, there was always some jerkoff college roomate who would shut down the powerstrip, and the radio and tnc would be down.

So, I started to fade away from the hobby, and now that I'm in my 40's I'm coming back into ham radio. 

Your latest Podcast on Packet Radio has been the first podcast that really made sense to me, because that was my last real operating - 20+ years ago!  It was like stepping back in time if not just for a moment.  I'm still looking for my KPC-3, I'm sure its here somewhere.

Thanks for that. 

Now... back to the 21st century, and now back to learning ardunio, and raspberry pi, and all the "new" digital modes - things that were Star Trek ideas back in 1994.

Craig Bailey, PE, LLS


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