[Sticky] I've grown tired of Social Media...  


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August 17, 2017 1:40 pm  


You may not be aware but I was social-less before the podcast began, and very reluctantly jumped in to promote the Fo-Time show.  While I genuinely enjoy the camaraderie that the social's have provided me, I've grown weary of trying to keep up. 

I'm not closing accounts or quitting-but more than likely I'm not 'following' you anymore. Nor is my phone alerting me any time you tweet.  I Promise it's not personal! 

I'm sure you understand I have 6 VIP's that I'm most keen on and they continue to demand and deserve my undivided attention.


For years, I've long been a fan of Forum Discussion; and you can connect with me here in the Discussion Forum.  I plan to peek this way often, so stick around.  For those of you who prefer Twitter and FB I'll still post from time to time, but not like you've gotten accustomed to over these last 3+ years.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to catching up with you here!


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