Cale Nelson, K4CDN, is the host of Ham Radio 360.


A self described “Star Wars Lifer Geek”, Cale has always had an affinity for Radio and Communications.  Growing up with a ‘Phone-man’ dad probably contributed to some of his leanings, along with his grandfather operating CB radios while deer-hunting.  It could have been the big Philco Console radio that his other Grandfather had in his living room…either way-Cale, it seemed, was destined to love the Magic of all things Radio!

Cale worked for nearly a decade with WHRZ-LPFM in Spartanburg SC; most of that time as the Music Director for the station.  As his family grew, so did his responsibilities and he had to resign his post at the station.  It was about that same time Cale finally got around to taking and passing his Amateur Radio licenses tests.  Becoming a Ham Radio Operator was something he’d longed to do for quite a while.  He was soon introduced to Podcast listening, and after a short while he decided he’d give that a go to help fill in the void of being ‘off the air’.

Inspired by Podcasting legend, Rev. Kenn Blanchard, Cale joined the School of Podcasting.  Professional Podcast Mentor Dave Jackson helped steer Cale in the proper direction and prevented many podcasting pitfalls.  Cale launched the Fo Time Podcast in 2014 as an inside joke for some ham radio internet ‘friends’.  The show quickly grew to something more than just an inside joke.  Fo Time was re-branded to Ham Radio 360 in the Spring of 2016.  After the successful debut of Ham Radio 360, Cale set his sights on his next podcasting venture-Modern Christian Men.

Both shows are released under the 6 Arrows Radio Network banner.

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Children are a heritage from the Lord…
     Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

Psm 127:3-5

6 Arrows Radio Network was founded by Cale Nelson in the Spring of 2014 as an alternate media company.  Cale had spent nearly a decade working in Non-Commercial Christian Radio, and after a short hiatus he missed the microphone.

Over his break, Cale had become a Podcast Listener, and decided that he too could ‘do that’ and set about getting his ideas together.  Rev. Kenn Blanchard, the Black Man with a Gun, who produces multiple podcast’s was instrumental in inspiring Cale to get back behind the microphone. Kenn also introduced him to Professional Podcast Mentor, Dave Jackson.

Having a radio background helped fast-track the process, and with the help of the Dave Jackson and his School of Podcasting the first ever episode of the Fo Time Podcast was launched.  What started as an internet inside joke, quickly became a renowned Amateur Radio Podcast.  Catering to the ‘New Guy’  the Fo Time podcast garnered fans from all over the globe.  Great Guest, Brilliant Co-host and Quick Wit made the Fo Time Podcast one of the favorites for many Ham Radio Operators.

In the Spring of 2016, Fo Time Podcast was re-branded as Ham Radio 360.  Seeking a broader appeal for the Amateur Radio Community, HamRadio360.com was designed to be a Ham Radio news, education and entertainment site.  Through multiple content providers, Ham Radio 360 strives to bring the reader and listeners a daily dose of Amateur Radio Edu-tainment!

Not long after the Re-brand, Cale set his sights on a new podcasting venture that he’d been long developing.  Modern Christian Men was launched in the Summer of 2016.  Modern Christian Men is a ministry focused podcast and blog.