Ham Radio: Workbench 38 HF Amplifiers with KG6IRW

This week David Shoaf KG6IRW from Elecraft joins George and Jeremy to turn it up to 11!  David walks us through an introduction to HF amplifiers by discussing amplifier technology, characteristics, features, and considerations one must make before purchasing.  Along the way, David familiarizes us with the Elecraft HF amplifier line, 100 watts through full 1500 watt legal limit!

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David Shoaf KG6IRW at 2017 Hamcon courtesy of HamRadio 2.0

Airspy HF+ Now Available for Preorder!

US:  https://v3.airspy.us/product/airspy-hfplus/

Outside US:  https://www.itead.cc/airspy-hf-plus.html

Wellbrook HF Receiving Mag Loop Antennas

DX Engineering HF Receiving Mag Loop Antennas

BurningAmp – http://www.burningamp.org/

Flint-Hills Low Loss Power Power Gate

Elecraft Newsletter – All about amps –

Elecraft KPA1500 Legal Limit HF Amplifier –

Elecraft KPA500 500W HF Amplifier –

Elecraft KXPA100 100W HF Amplifier –

Elecraft KAT500 Antenna Switch and Tuner –

Elecraft KRC2 Band Decoder –




  1. So much workbench potential here, with the recent resurgence in QRP kits and the new multiband BitX, the topic of homebrew or kit HF amps is pretty exciting. Define the classes of amps, which to pair with what mode, and the trade-offs between classes/designs. Discuss kits like Hardrock, DIY solid-state builds like G0KLA, or even classic Novice-power tube amps from old ARRL Handbooks.
    Instead, we got “tubes are scary, buy an Elecraft appliance.”

  2. Great episode! I like how the conversation focused on some of the misconceptions and myths about amplifiers and their role between the antenna and the radio. Given the fact that Elecraft produces many “maker” kits, including test equipment, it was great to hear one of their own on the show, and as such fits the overall Workbench theme, I believe. I may never buy an amp, but having the knowledge gained from this episode helps me approach my other workbench projects in a more informed way. Not every episode touches my area of interest, (I’m not yet into digital modes) as the hobby is quite broad, particularly from a new ham’s perspective, but every episode and every topic educates me and makes me a better ham.

    Great job, George and Jeremy; we are more informed and better hams because you volunteer many hours of your time to give back to the community!

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