Ham Radio: Workbench 37- 2017 Christmas Shopping Show

It’s Christmas Season once again and George and Jeremy are back to discuss gift ideas for your workbench!

This week, we’re joined by previous guests Nick KN6NK, Rod VA3ON, and Smitty KR6ZY.  This inspiring discussion will give you plenty of ideas for tools, test equipment, supplies, and stocking stuffers to add to your holiday workbench wish list!

Twitter Workbench Picture Thread – https://twitter.com/smittyhalibut/status/931740952690958336

Double Cross Antenna – http://w7dbo.net/MARTES_Double_Cross_Antenna.pdf

Mount Panavise Jr. to an Arm!  – https://twitter.com/CyberQueenMara/status/931560219125063680

Hand Tools

Soldering Tools and Accessories

Workbench Accessories

Storage and Organization

Consumables and Supplies

Test and Measurement Equipment

Stocking Stuffers