Ham Radio 360: FRP10 – Portable Ammo Can Repeater w/ Mark Waggoner N6MRW

Mark Waggoner (N6MRW) is a relatively new amateur radio operator. Once licensed he became active in his local groups and emcomm related activities. Mark found the need for a portable, low cost, effective 5watt repeater. Mark took on the project to create an ammo can repeater, then had a successful deployment during a national guard exercise. In this episode we also talk about the MTC Radio Help A Ham 2017 project to help some operators out with some equipment this holiday season. You can learn more about the project at MTCRadio.com

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Help a Ham 2017

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Training Item S.E.N.D. Protocol
Repeater project PDF

Marks Repeater Project Parts lumped together in a HamRadio 360 ‘Kit’

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Find Mark on Twitter  @LightFighter_SC