Ham Radio Shipping! The High Cost of Low Standards

Shipping Radios.
I’m an Amazon Prime Member; have been since it was only $35/year! In that time, I’ve gotten really spoiled with Free 2-day shipping, it’s the Best! Similarly, I know many of you buy new rigs from time to time and enjoy the quick & free-shipping from most of the Vendors. So what?
Well, I’ve finally decided to sell my ‘cherry’ TS850 to fund a later vintage HF rig and I made a few stops to snag a shipping quote or two to get some ideas on how to price it. I’m primarily a USPS shipper. It’s quick, usually affordable and very convenient (re: down here in the country).
I’m not unaware of the high cost of shipping, ex: I spent $40 to send the KX2 back to Elecraft via the USPS. OUCH!
My TS850 is packed in it’s original box and shipping container-it’s heavy and big-but it’s a Big Heavy Radio!
Here are the quotes I received from the Postal Service followed by UPS:
$91 to Cali
$61 to MO
$40 to NC
$63.01 to Cali Ground
$26.00 to MO Ground
$26.00 to VA Ground
So when you see it on the Zed and Swap.QTH you’ll know I’ll be shipping with UPS to save you money!
By now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m even sharing this?

To let you know (if you didn’t already) that it cost the vendors/dealers a lot to money to ship that rig to you for ‘free’. Additionally, if you are unaware, the margin on Ham Radio Rig sales is almost nothing-so give ’em a break when they “can’t do any better” with the understanding that what they are actually clearing on the sale of a New HF rig is virtually Peanuts.


Now, don’t be fooled; most vendors enjoy a much lower shipping rate than I can, because I’m a one-timer vs an everyday shipper– but don’t forget shipping is Still a big part of their “Best Deal”.

Kinda makes the ‘if it snows it’s free’ deal sound even sweeter-huh?



and while I have you… if you are looking for a sweet, classic Kenwood rig, lemmie know!  My TS-850 is packed and ready to go

73, K4CDN

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