Ham Radio 360: FSQ, Linux & YouTube with Kevin, KB9RLW

I was introduced to Kevin, KB9RLW, by my friend Julian OH8STN and his postings on Instagram/Twitter.  A few months back FSQ was a ‘new’ mode and some were excitedly giving it a go.  Julian had posted a link to a video on FSQ and it I knew this was a mode I was very interested in learning about!  Enter the ‘Old Tech Guy’ on Youtube and here we are!

Kevin and I set about determining the compatibility of schedules and just last week we were able to connect via a wonky Skype call and get this information together for you.  While we do spend some time discussing the FSQ mode, I also discovered Kevin is a die-hard Linux user.  Kevin fills us in on his Linux use for Ham Radio and his YouTube Channel creations.

*I’ve noted on the socials a few times last week that I did indeed mispronounce the insanely popular digital mode FT8; for whatever reason I referred to it as JT8 four different times in this show.

**Additionally, I have utilized the FSQ mode since recording this conversation with what I’d consider Success!  I can foresee this mode becoming a go-to for my friends and I locally on HF and VHF.

KB9RLW on YouTube

Notes and Mentions:

FLDigi Software

FSQCall Software

Kevin KB9RLW Youtube Channel

Linux in the Hamshack Podcast


Everything Ham Radio


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