Ham Radio 360: Extra Class Upgrade with W4EDF

Ed Bradshaw (W4EDF) recently upgraded his Ham Radio ticket to Extra Class and he wants you to know-You Can Too!

W4EDF preps for Front Porch Ops!

Former show guest and current Kenwood TS480 owner, Ed decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie and set his sights on passing the Extra Class Exam.  Having put a great deal of effort into his studies and methods, Ed offered to come on the show to share what worked for him in hopes that you (and I) would get ourselves motivated to study-and Pass!

Question pool: ARRL Link

ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th edition

Gordon West, WB6NOA, 2016-2020 Extra Class FCC Element 4

Ham Extra by James Thomas

Ham Study (Signal Stuff)

QRZ Practice Tests

ARRL Find an exam

ARRL What to bring

Dave Casler YouTube

Extra playlist – Here

Alan Wolke, W2AEW YouTube

Must watch: Here

W4EDF: Previous Show Appearance #37

Others Recommend these Books/Aides:

K4IA Pass, the Easy Way

KB6NU No Non Sense Guide

Extra Flash Cards

Videos Mentioned in the show:


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  1. I passed my extra class exam last Wednesday. Been in electronics over 55 years. Before study, scored 60%
    Bought a book off Kindle. 3 months of study and testing, never got over 90%. I missed 7 on the final exam. I know the final score does not mean a thing. The point is most people with full lives do not have the time, to devout to the test. I salute those that pass the test because it is a real b××L buster. 76

  2. Thanks for the podcast. It inspired me to study and with the resources provided I can say I passed the extra exam last night! Thank you!

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