Ham Radio 360: Field Radio – VHF/UHF Radio in the Field

As we continue our journey into field radio we’re reminded we need gear to take along.  One primary means of field operation is the venerable FM Transceiver.  In this episode of the Field Radio Podcast we’re joined by David Goldenburg (W0DHG) Co-host of the Ham Radio Now show to discuss selecting a VHF/UHF mobile radio for field portable use and other related items for field radio operations.

Dave Goldenburg W0DHG

When selecting a VHF/UHF radio for field portable use, what are key features to look for in a radio? What works best in using the radio in an ARES or EmComm situation?  Also, we continue our build of the VHF/UHF Voice & Digital Go-Box. Corresponding Build Video Part 3 Shown Below and on our YouTube Channel.

W0DHG: Field Radio Box

ARRL Solar Eclipse QSO Party – QST Article
Weaver Throw Rope and Weight – Here
N9TAX Roll Up JPole Antenna(A favorite of John and K4CDN!)
Packtennafrom George (KJ6VU)

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Field Radio Antennas and more!
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