Ham Radio 360: Field Radio – SSTV with the ISS

Many ham radio operators spent time over the July 20th weekend as the International Space Station commemorated its 20th Anniversary by transmitting 12 different images via SSTV (Slow Scan TV).

In this episode, we chat with 3 of them.  Galen Wilson (KF5BET) and his two daughters Abbi (KF5BEW) & Kendra (KF5FYS) set out to chase the ISS over the weekend from Southwestern Louisiana.  Listen in as they discuss their successful adventure!

Abbi KF5BEW & Kendra KF5FYS using measuring a tape yagi to capture SSTV from the International Space Station.
Image Received!  Last image they downloaded low on the horizon.

Article:  SSTV With The International Space Station by Galen Wilson KF5BET

All images sent on the ISS passes



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