Ham Radio 360: Fox Hunting (Transmitter & Bunnies too)

Larry Jacobs, WA7ZBO, is my guest this time on the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Larry is a long time Transmitter Hunter who offered to help me understand what is involved in Fox Hunting aka Bunny Hunting.

From the premise of the hunt to the gear involved- the in’s and out’s and best practices, Larry shares his experiences of almost 50 years!

in a show ‘first’ Larry produced this Bonus Video to help further describe the equipment and theory of use mentioned in this episode! (links and further mentions listed below)

Bonus Video!

Book: Worlds Best Hobby-Dave Bell

SoCal Transmitter Hunting

ARDF  Homing In.com

PiCon from Byonics

Book: Transmitter Hunting- J.D. Moell

Tape Measure Yagi-


Arrow 4 MHz. Offset Fox Hunt Attenuator

SDR-Direction Finding

VK3YNG Sniffer 4


TMR Scouting Special Event:
Will be operating an anniversary celebration station, W2T, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Reservation (known as TMR in the Scouting world) in Narrowsburg NY, August 4th through 6th from the camp.  More info can be found at tenmileriver.org and their QRZ page


HR360 Mention on RTL-SDR Blog


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