Ham Radio 360: Field Radio – Introductions

Welcome to the First Episode of Field Radio Podcast!

I’m John, W7DBO, a third-generation ham from Utah.  I’ll be your host for the new Field Radio Podcast.  It’s my desire to make this show your bi-weekly source for all things Field Radio.  I’ll feature interviews, reviews, build projects and real-time experiences along the way.  Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy the show!


In this episode we catch up with Cale (K4CDN) the progenitor of all things Ham Radio 360.   Cale and I chat about the Ham Radio 360 brand, his podcasting adventures and the Genesis of this Field Radio Podcast.

Following that, Chris Fielding (KG7IVS) a friend and fellow field operator tells us about his field radio portable setup (shown below) and an interesting DX contact he got while at scout camp.

Man Pack Portable Close-up 2
Man Pack Portable Close-up 1
Yes that is the smile you get when you get your first DX contact!

Ebay Link to the Radio Backpack Kit


Training Item
A segment of each episode is providing a training item in the fashion that you would hear on your local ARES or EmComm nets. I recorded the training item so you could play the recording over the air, or below is the link to the script that you can use/edit for your own purposes.
4 Keys To Successful Communication

Tip & Trick – Go Bag Tape Roll
A segment of the show is to give a tip or tick on an item for deployment. The video below demonstrates the Go Bag Tape Roll. If you have a tip or trick that you have found helpful for field radio. please email John to have it featured on the show.

Current Build – VHF/UHF Build Project
A segment of each episode is highlighting various projects I am working on. Currently, I am working on a VHF/UHF Go Box for voice and digital communications. The video is an introduction to this project. This build project will be featured in the shows to come as it develops.


Get In the Field and On the Air!

We are excited to have Chameleon Antenna as a sponsor of this episode, Field Radio Podcast.
Chameleon Antenna has a great lineup of field portable and covert antenna’s.

Field Radio Antennas and more!





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