Ham Radio 360: Workbench- 27 Field Day After Action Report

This week, George and Jeremy take a look back at Field Day 2017 and the things that we made to make it a great one. We also spend some time with Jason K6DGN to talk about his USB HT Battery Charger and some of his other interests.

Order your BitX 40 QRP 40M radio kit – http://www.hfsigs.com/

The perfect Ham Radio Computer?  The Asus Transformer Mini T102HA – https://www.asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS-Transformer-Mini-T102HA/

Dewalt TSTAK boxes – http://www.dewalt.com/products/gear-and-equipment/tool-storage/tstak

Making your own external HT battery pack by Jason K6DGN – http://www.bay-net.org/docs/baycon2017/ht_charger.pdf

Yeeco 5V to 12V Regulator – https://www.amazon.com/Yeeco-Converter-Regulator-Stabilizer-Adjustable/dp/B011EBSKK0

K6DGN’s YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/helidragon510/

RC Flight and Amateur Radio with K6DGN on the Everything Ham Radio Podcast – http://www.everythinghamradio.com/2017/05/remote-controlled-vehicles-jason-k6dgn-eth070/

George’s Blog – http://www.kj6vu.com/

Ohio Valley Experimenters Club – http://ovec.club

Bay Net – http://www.bay-net.org


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