Ham Radio: Workbench 26 The BITX40 Transceiver-an Introduction

This week on the Workbench Podcast; Smitty KR6ZY joins George and Jeremy to talk the BitX40. The BITX40 is a popular $60 40M 7W SSB transceiver “kit” available from http://www.hfsigs.com/ .  Smitty gives a great general introduction on the radio, its capabilities, and its opportunities.  We encourage our listeners to order theirs now as we will be doing a series of segments over the next few episodes to highlight opportunities for this little radio!

Antenna Analyzer Boards – Here with less than 50 now in stock

Posted rev 1.0 of the Power Board firmware by Ed W6ELA on www.360workbench.com

Interview on 3D Printing Today – 191_3DPrinting_Today

SDR – AirSpy – http://www.airspy.us

SDRSharp – Software Links

Diamond D220R – Discone Antenna

FM Broadcast Band Filter – Broadcast FM Block Filter (88 – 108 MHz Block) by RTL-SDR Blog 

AM Broadcast Band Filter – Broadcast AM Reject High Pass Filter (2.6 MHz HPF) by RTL-SDR Blog

ADSB Filter – https://v3.airspy.us/product/fp-1090-ha5s/

Lego Saturn V – sold out from LEGO, available on Amazon for an additional $100+ 🙁

BitX40 – http://www.hfsigs.com

KR6ZY’s Intro to the BitX40 Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ESph5JCOpw

BitX40 Hacking Blog – http://bitxhacks.blogspot.com

BitX40 Community – https://groups.io/g/bitx20

Solder Smoke Podcast – http://www.soldersmoke.com

Solder Smoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics

Upcoming Webinar from Autodesk featuring George, KJ6VU
When Everything Hits The Fan – DC Power Management Design for Emergency Applications

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  1. Hey guys, I really enjoy the show. I ordered the BITX40 and it has arrived. Looking forward to more shows on building the BITX40. Would like to see more info on the man-pack case, using computer headsets and powering the BITX40 to give it a higher power output. Thanks, Dave

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