Ham Radio: Workbench 25 – Ham Radio @ Maker Faire Bay Area & Field Day Preps

On this episode of the Workbench, George and Jeremy are joined by Beric K6BEZ, David W6DTW, and Kenneth W6KWF.  The gang debriefs us on the 2017 Maker Faire Bay Area and the role and presence of Amateur Radio.  We also talk about our Field Day 2017 plans.

Maker Faire Bay Area – http://makerfaire.com/bay-area/
Travis Goodspeed’s MD-380 Tools – http://www.md380.org
Beric’s DIY Test Equipment using RTL-SDR Dongle SDR – http://www.bay-net.org/docs/baycon2017/rf_test_gear.pdf
SDR Noise Source and Directional Coupler – https://v3.airspy.us/product-category/other-tools-and-accessories/
Python RTL-SDR Library – https://github.com/roger-/pyrtlsdr
Dayton Mini Maker Faire – http://dayton.makerfaire.com

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  1. Guys, Been listening for about 3 mos now and really enjoy the shows. I’ve learned a lot especially on the WB. Hoping to get an antenna analyzer board soon. Need to clean off my workbench a bit. Kudos on your choice of guests. The discussions balance the technical with the practical. Although the podcasts can be long the time seems to fly. And it really makes the 2hr commute to Boston, MA each day seem lass onerous. Also thanks for the recommendations. HAKKO CHECK! Headphone splitter CHECK!
    And Jeremy thanks for getting me interested in 3DP.
    Keep up the great work. 7 3 Ron K1KJR.

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