Ham Radio 360: Wrapping up Hamvention with a New Hams Perspective

We’ve talked a great deal about Hamvention over the last few weeks, and we’re gonna wrap it up here today!

Chris Purdy and I have been friends for years and he surprised me a few months ago when he volunteered to tag along on the drive to Xenia. Chris is a Shiny New Ham Radio Operator, and he’d never been to a hamfest before…so why not Hamvention!

Breakfast with Chris, George and Jeremy-Ham and Eggs

Maybe a little overwhelmed at the onset, he quickly came around and is now making plans to go back next year! Give the show a listen for a “New Guys” perspective on the event. From initial impressions, things learned and friends made, Chris and I break it all down for you including some insider info from behind the scenes of the Ham Radio 360 Hamvention Team.

Hotel Conference Room-Late Night Podcasting!

I finish up with some final thoughts on the event, the location, new sponsors, and next years plans.

Icom: Hams to Japan

4Z1UG-Eric Guth, QSO Today Podcast

Linux in the Hamshack = Cale Crashes Live Recording!

Bob and Gordo on Ham Nation


Katie Allen WY7YL

Neil Rapp Ham Talk Live

Don Wilbanks AE5DW


SignalStuff HT Whip antennas (hr360) to support Hamstudy.org

Bruce, W1GQ DX and Contesting

Ham Radio Media Creators


PodcasterPro from K5ACC on Kickstarter (I’m #80 in line)




We hope you enjoy this final shot and appreciate you spending your time with us!

73 Y’all! K4CDN

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