Ham Radio 360: Julian, OH8STN- Max Capability – Minimal Gear

Julian, OH8STN, is just like most of us; he loved radios and electronic toys when he was a kid!  (Are you seeing a pattern here?)  While Julian isn’t a kid anymore, he spends all of his free time ‘playing radio’ out in the Frigid North of Finland!

Wanting to share his experiences and ideas for portable/emergency comms he set off to create content for the Amateur Radio Community.  Known around the globe as the Survival Tech Nord, Julian takes his viewers on all sorts of excursions where they can learn along with him.

Licensed since 1999, SurvivalTech Nord (OH8STN) focuses on emergency Voice and Data field communications, sharing knowledge & ideas relevant to the modern survival minded comms communities.

In addition to Youtube videos, Julian also Blogs about his success and failure in the differing situations he places himself in.  An devoted Android user; he is serving the Amateur Community in a real and transparent way.


Wolphilink Digital Interface
Yaesu 817
RaDAR Google+ Group
ZS6BNE RaDAR Blogger

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  1. As a longtime developer, but only recent radio licensee, I was struck by the mention of gaps in the Android app ecosystem related to amateur radio needs. Is there a good resource online to show what apps are available and highlight what the gaps/opportunities are? I was thinking it might be a good way to explore some of what is possible in this new to me hobby.

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