Ham Radio 360: Eric Guth 4Z1UG QSO Today, Allstar, Israel Ops

A lifetime ham, now living in Efrat, Israel, Eric Guth (4Z1UG) wanted to give back to the hobby that had given so much to him through the years; so in July of 2014, Eric launched the QSO Today Podcast as a way to connect yesterday’s elmers with today’s amateur radio operators. The results have been spectacular!

Eric 4Z1UG host of QSO Today

Join Eric and I as we chat Podcasting for Hams, Living as a Ham Radio Op in Israel, Allstar nodes and more in this 74th Episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast!


For more information on Eric’s Podcast visit QSOToday.com!

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    1. Thanks for posting the link, Glenn! Very cool. Great interview with Eric, Cale! It was fun to hear Eric on the other side of the interview this time.

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