Ham Radio 360: APRS Follow-up (Listener Q&A)

A few weeks back, on our first APRS show Kenneth Finnegan (W6KWF) helped explain the APRS Protocol.  Since that time, we’ve asked for and received a number of listener questions.  In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast we delve into those questions to further understand this ‘thing’ called APRS!

  1. (4:00)

Paths? What do they mean, and What do I use?

2. (28:00)

  • My APRS won’t show on aprs.fi when using my 5w HT?
  • Why won’t my APRS messaging work?
  • RF Gate, I-Gate or both? 3rd Party Traffic Questions. SMSGTE
  • Is APRS used on other bands? 30m Robust Packet
  • Why does APRS only use the 144.390 frequency?

3. (49:00)

  • How do I digipeat through the ISS?
  • Can I use APRS to monitor my off-grid cabin conditions?
  • What is the Next Generation of APRS-can it be like ADS-B?
  • How is APRS developed?  Is it developed?
  • What is the architecture of APRS-IS?
  • What are the uses of APRS that aren’t GPS tracking?
  • Why do all APRS websites suck?
  • Where’s the documentation?
  • Faraday RF, is it operational with APRS?

4. (1:13:00)

  • APRS Etiquette, am I doing it right?
  • Whats up with the 200+ symbols for things on the map?
  • What is the Local Freq Initiative? Does it work?
  • Object Beacons for the Local Freq Initiative?

5. (1:31:00)

  • K4CDN-5 Digipeater/I-Gate.
  • When to set-up an I-Gate/Digipeater?
  • Hardware recommendations?
  • How the K4CDN-5 digi changed APRS

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Thanks for listening and contributing to show #73, we hope you enjoyed this episode!

73 Y’all!


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