Ham Radio 360: W.W.F.F. aka Parks On The Air

Recently a listener asked us to investigate the W.W.F.F. or Parks on the air.  I had some questions too, so off went an email to the UK which directed me back to Jason Johnston (W3AAX).  Jason came on the show to fill us in on the in’s and out’s of the Parks On The Air.

N9MM Norman Meyers Cedar Breaks National Monument – KFF-0914.

3,400+ National Parks, State Parks and more are available to activate or hunt in the US via WWFF/POTA.  Parks On The Air/WWFF is a World Wide Organization with an award system and more!  Interested in participating?  Visit the Parks On The Air site today!

W8MSC-Mike Case Isle Royale MI – KFF-0039


Parks on the Air (KFF, WWFF in the USA):  http://parksontheair.com

Global international site: http://wwff.co

Active Facebook Communityhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/parksontheair/

How to get started

How to Register

Rules and FAQ

National KFF (USA) Awards

International Global Awards

RaDAR  Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio


Zippy FlightMax 5000 Battery

Bioenno Batteries

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