Ham Radio 360: SOTA with K6ABM (new guys perspective)

Austin Munger just wanted a C.B. Radio to give him an alternate means of communicating when out hunting or camping.  Little did he know that a random trip to HRO would turn into a full-bore hobby!

When I began this podcast, it was for me, the ‘new guy’ and while both the show and I have grown; I still feel new-ish and love learning about someones first time experience.  Adventure radio is on my list for the upcoming Spring, and this Episode may be what pushes me up the hill!

Not content with kerchunking repeaters, Austin set out to challenge himself with this new ‘thing’ he’d heard about called SOTA (Summits on the Air).  It didn’t take to long to figure out he was a little unprepared, but a strong will goes far when determination sets in!

Now a prolific Summit activator and chaser, Austin aka. dietsota on Instagram, spends his spare (and work) time playing in the SOTA activity log.  He’s also gotten his new Bride involved…to the point of activating a Summit during their Honeymoon in Hawaii!

dietsota via Instagram


SOTAwatch SOTA Spotting

Elecraft KX2, KX3 and More!

Packtenna Portable/Packable Antennae

Yaesu FT-60

Yaesu FT-1XD

SOTA Spotter (Droid)

SOTA Finder (Droid)

PocketSOTA (Droiod/iOS) from Pignology/N3WG

SOTAGoat (iOS)

Chameleon Antennas

KX3Helper Antenna


Hey You!

If you’re a new ham (ticket since 12-1-16) send me an email-tell me about your trip into ham radio!  I’m curious to hear from you! cale at hamradio360.com

Been around a while? Would you tell us about your favorite Ham Radio Rig?  Click the Gray Button on the Right Slider and leave us a message about it, we’d love to feature you on an upcoming show!

Thanks for listening!

73 Y’all!


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Field Day with Elecraft

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