Ham Radio: Workbench -16 Wireless Comms for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers

In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Workbench, George and Jeremy continue the conversation on communicating with Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers.  They deep dive on wireless ways of communicating from direct RF links to WiFi.


New Autodesk Eagle rev 8 with some good new features including module copy.

Moved to subscription based license

News on Subscription Terms

Free version available.  Now based on total sq cm not length x width.

West Mountain Radio Powergate

Low Loss Powergate

KF7IJZ’s Test of the rev 1 DC Power Board

Wireless Communications for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers


Point to Point


Argent Data Systems:  https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)






If This Then That (IFTTT):  https://ifttt.com


Book mentioned in the show:


  1. I do have to disagree with Jeremy on one point —

    Using the presence or absence of a mobile phone to help control a power cut-off switch doesn’t have to be a stupid idea if applied safely. One can essential introduce a sense of “necessary but not sufficient” type of conditions, so that the presence of something like a given mobile phone is required in the mix for the power to be permitted to be on, but that one condition by itself is not sufficient to permit power-on by itself. Thus, in this case, the mobile phone must come near as part of a mix of conditions before the switch will turn the solder station on; when the mobile phone leaves, the station gets power removed, since a necessary condition has been removed, even if all other conditions are indicating a “go.”

    I could see a feature like this combined with a momentary switch for soft-power, and an inactivity timer. So, the only way to power on the device would be to physically press the soft-power switch with the phone in proximity; power-off could be accomplished through a soft-power event, an inactivity timer event, or a mobile phone departure event, whichever comes first.

    Just a thought…

  2. Great show! I’m working on just such an application with Arduino boards and need either point-to-point up to a KM of more, or cellular. I could not find the book that Jeremy or George mentioned that is available on Kindle in the show notes. Wonder if what that title is? I also want to do small sensor networks around the home.
    Bill AJ4TX

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