Ham Radio 360: All about APRS with W6KWF

APRS; oh the questions you’ve raised!  It’s been about 2+ years since I decided I wanted to give APRS a go.  I purchased a Mobilinkd TNC2 and set off.  It was only a day or so later that I determined there were No Digipeater/iGates in my county, and not too many outside those bounds.

I was encouraged by some fellow hams that were too interested in APRS and we lightly began to try to understand the in and outs of the mode.  None of us had any experience in Packet and what we could find online was a mish-mash of opinions and outdated blogging.  Needless to say, I’ve quit APRS more than once since, only to be pulled back in when I reconsider it’s utility.

It wasn’t until a fateful evening in November 2016 that I found someone that could help me to begin to understand the whats and hows of APRS.  Kenneth Fennegan, W6KWF ( @KWF ) found me lamenting my lack of APRS understanding via Twitter and offered a hand up!  That hand up turned into a phone conversation that in turn lead to another call that became this interview for the Ham Radio 360 audience!

Many, many times I’ve been asked to address APRS on the show, and I’ve finally found a connection that can help explain the mode and equipment in an easy to digest format.

Special Thanks to Kenneth for coming on and sharing his time and expertise on the subject!  Below you’ll find the links we discussed!

W6KWF Blog

@KWF on Twitter

YouTube Channel


Kenneth Finnegan Thesis on APRS

APRX Main Page

APRS Mailing List


Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC2


Are you a New Ham?  If you have recently received your ticket (12-1-16 thru now) please send me an email with your name and call sign!  I’m interested in learning about your experience! Email: cale at hamradio360 dot com

Winter Field Day Happens this weekend, I hope to catch you on the air! #WFD17.  

I’ll be operating with friends as AK4IC, 3 India, SC.

Thank you for listening to Episode 70 (wow) and telling your friends about Ham Radio 360!

73 Y’all


Kenneth recently created an APRS Symbol Chart that will prove Very Handy!

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