Ham Radio: Workbench 13 – 3D Printing

This week on the Workbench Podcast-All About 3D Printing.

Today Jeremy, KF7IJZ and George, KJ6VU talk Everything 3D Printing.  The questions you’ve had about printing for your hobby needs are finally answered!  Where to start? What equipment do you need? Suggested software, tutorials and more are all here!

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!




News – Antenna Analyzer

  • 300 boards sold!  The most recent pre order batch is nearly sold out
  • Our antenna analyzer is an Arduino based SWR analyzer for HF antennas, covering 1-30Mhz. 
  • We sell boards and the rest of the parts can be sourced online – more info at  360workbench.com
  • JK’s Experience Building
    • 400C for 60/40 Pb solder worked great
    • Electrolytic Capacitors – long lead is positive
    • Use fume extraction if possible
    • Wear Eye Protection!
    • Software – if Sparkfun doesn’t show up in Board Libraries, visit https://github.com/sparkfun/Arduino_Boards and follow instructions
    • Software – seems like it takes a long time to cycle through bands…
  • 3D Printed Case – it’s coming!
    • Chris Weir – KM4KTC
    • Provides 3D Printed Cases for GigaParts for Raspberry Pi/DVMega Hot Spots
    • Co-founder, CEO 2015, done work for Marshall Space Flight Center!
    • Rocket City 3D
    • http://rocketcity3d.com
    • http://km4ktc.com


29:26 Introduction to 3D Printing

Good general 3D Printing resource – https://all3dp.com

Common 3D Printing Problems



Links to impossible objects


Update from Rocket City 3D

Just a quick update on the case. For those of you that don’t follow my company Rocket City 3D on Twitter or Instagram.

We have been working hard to get a case knocked out for the #aabuild. Just need to get the buttons right and add a few finishing touches and we will be done! We should have these available for order right after the holidays! We will also be posting the STL’s and source for these if you want to print your own or modify it.

We will print these on demand and plan to offer them in a few different colors. After this the next thing on our list is making this thing battery powered and rechargeable with few readily available components. Happy Making! Merry Christmas!

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