Ham Radio: WorkBench – 10 Intro to PCB Design

This week, we announce the details of the Antenna Analyzer project!

George teaches Jeremy about all the facets of DIY printed circuit board (PCB) design using CadSoft Eagle (Show Sponsor, download for free at http://www.cadsoft.io).

George discusses Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and an overview of PCB fabrication.


Antenna Analyzer

  • BOM, designs, directions, and software available in the new HamRadio360 forums!

  • Forums to provide support

  • 5 sources for parts to keep costs low

    • Digikey for discrete components

    • HR360 for board and diodes

    • Arduino from SparkFun, eBay, or DX

    • LCD from eBay

    • Synthesis Module from eBay

  • Go to the hr360 page, click on workbench tab, all will be revealed

CommRadio CTX-10 SDR Transceiver

  • 160M-10M

  • 10W

  • Built in batteries

  • Rugged case

  • Internal Antenna Tuner

  • SDR Output Via USB

  • Universal Radio Link

What’s on the Workbench?



Main Show Content – Intro to designing PCBs

Download FREE Eagle – https://cadsoft.io

Manufacturing options

  • Traditional board houses

    • Sierra Circuits

  • Low cost traditional “hands off” option

  • New wave of automated aggregation sites


EEVBlog #939 How to Manufacture a PCB

EEVBlog #127 – PCB Design for Manufacturing Tutorial


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