Ham Radio 360: ARES; an Introduction and CommsToGo

ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) seems to be a topic that keeps coming up in listener correspondences.  I had some ideas to share, but not being an active participant in the service, I knew I needed to get someone who was involved to help us define and understand it.


Reaching all the way back to the beginning, I enlisted Cecil Higgins (AC0HA) who is now the ARES Section Manager for Missouri.  In Episode 1 we discussed the Joplin Tornado disaster and ARES response.  This time through, it’s an Introduction to ARES.



Following, we bring in John Jacobs (W7DBO) of Site Sponsor, CommsToGo.com.


CommsToGo:  Builders of Portable Power, Radio and Computing Systems, John and his Ham Radio Family manufacture some fine equipment!



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