Ham Radio 360: Become a Ham & HR360 History Lessons

I get asked all the time why Ham Radio and How-to Ham Radio.  In this program I go through the steps of jumping in the water.  One of the most popular pages on our site is the Start Here Page that has all the links mentioned here in the show (with a few more links and opinions too)


Club Locator

Test Locator

KB6NU No Non-Sense Study Guides

Ham Test Online

Link to Recommended Study Materials

You Passed! Congrats, Now Let’s Go Shopping!

Shopping Show #2 (give this a listen!)

Shopping with the HR360 Affiliate Links

Hand-Held Radio and Accessories Kit (Level1)

Base/Mobile Radio and Accessories to get you on the air Kit (Level1)

Got a Rig? Now Get On The Air!

Randy (K7AGE) has some great videos about getting on the air!

Linked from Ham Universe

Ham Radio 360 History Lessons!

Fo Time Becomes Ham Radio 360

Jeremy- KF7IJZ


Episode 2 Field Day and Solar for Hams

ARRL Field Day


Sierra Radio Systems Repeater Controls & Packtenna Portable Antennas



Episode 10 All About Repeaters

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