Ham Radio 360: Satellite Ops with KO4MA *AMSAT*

I’ve often wondered about Ham Radio Satellite Operations.  I knew where to look and what to read, but I kept myself from it, because I wanted to learn about it with you here on the show!


I became acquainted with Andrew Glasbrenner KO4MA through our FB page, and watched from afar his dealings with Ham Radio Satellite Ops, and AMSAT.  Andrew and I began conversing about having him on the show, and what follows is what we were finally able to bring together!


In addition to his family duties, Andrew also serves the AMAST organization as the VP  Director of Operations.  Andrew grew up like most of us-with a ‘Walkie-Talkie’ in his hand and a desire to communicate via Radio with whomever he could!

Eventually he got the ticket to get on the air, and has been active there since!  A big thanks to Andrew for coming on, I ask a load of questions and we cover it all here on Episode 60.  From Build, Launch and Contact-it’s all about Amateur Radio Satellite Ops on HR360!


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My 8 y/o son, Milam, has recently launched his very own podcast, you can find it below:

Milam In The Middle
Milam In The Middle


  1. Thought you’d like to know that you inspired me. I’ve long been intrigued by AMSAT, but I’ve not really explored it much. After listening to this episode on my evening commute home, I checked for the next pass of SO-50, pulled out my old tape measure yagi that I made for bunny hunting, and listened to several QSOs on a 10 minute pass over my QTH. Really, really, cool, and much better reception than I expected with less than optimal equipment. I just used that DIY tape measure antenna, and a $30 Baofeng. (Yes, Cale, I’m not ashamed to admit I own one!)
    Thanks, Cale, for the great podcast. I have listened to nearly every episode, including the FoTime episodes.
    Next step for me is to build a better antenna…

    1. Great News!!!!
      When I find a few minutes, I’m gonna give it a go (at least a listen!)
      Thanks for the update and for listening (that’s a lot of me!)


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