Ham Radio 360: Youth in Ham Radio feat. N0SSC

It seems everywhere we turn, there is a discussion on how to bring the youth into the Ham Radio Hobby.  We act as though young people all over the Earth are devoid of any desire to operate an Amateur Radio.  While there may be what some would consider a downturn in today’s youths public participation in Ham Radio-the number of licensed Ham Radio Operators continues to climb. Don’t fret y’all, Youngsters are still getting on the air!


Sterling Coffey and I met at Hamvention 2016.  I recognized his call, N0SSC, from Twitter long before I knew his name.  We had a nice chat, and over the course of the weekend he came by the booth to drop in and say hello a few times.

YOTA 2016

Upon returning home, I noticed on the every busy Twitter, that Sterling was taking a trip-a Ham Radio Excursion.  It appeared to be quite a surprise trip so I followed along.  It didn’t take long to learn that he was headed to Austria to attend the YOTA Summit!  No little short green aliens here-this was the real deal-Sterling had just become an official ambassador of Amateur Radio!  In this episode of Ham Radio 360 Sterling shares about himself, his trip, and the bright future of Youth in Ham Radio!

from N0SSC.com


Sterling’s Blog   http://www.n0ssc.com/

Sterling’s YouTube Channel  http://youtube.com/c/n0ssc

Twitter   @N0SSC

YOTA  http://www.ham-yota.com/austria/

YASME  http://www.yasme.org/

NCDXF  http://www.ncdxf.org/

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Congrats to Skyler Fennell KD0WHB 2016’s Amateur Radio Newsline’s Young Ham of the Year!

courtesy of N0SSC
courtesy of N0SSC

Find more at the Facebook Group-Ham Radio for Kids of All Ages


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