Ham Radio 360: 220MHz in the Real World

I’ve long wanted to do a show featuring the 1.25 Meter band (220MHz).  Ron and Tim from Bridgecom stop in to tell us about what is happening in their world and prime us for a conversation with others about using the 220 band in the real world.  Is it the forgotten band?  Is it under-utilized? Let’s talk about it!

Link to Bridgecom Youtube Videos


(40:00) Brian, K5IN, from Olympia, Washington is our next guest.  Brian is die-hard 220 user, and multi-site repeater owner.  He tells us how 220 is used in his area for a linked repeater system that runs from one end of the state to the other. W7WRG is the call of the Repeater Group.

W7WRG repeater



(58:00) Kent, KL5T, From Anchorage Alaska is up next to fill in the blanks regarding 220 and Packet along with how his local club KL7AA utilizes the band! Make sure to visit the club’s site www.KL7AA.net


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