iOS Ham Radio 360 App-Now Available

Just in case you missed it, Nick Garner (N3WG) from Pignology recently created a Ham Radio 360 app for your iOS device!

It’s available for free in the app store-today! Many Thanks to Nick, and Pignology.

HR360 app Provided by Pignology LLC!
HR360 app Provided by Pignology LLC!

I also featured Nick way back in Episode 5 of  ‘Fo Time’

To Learn More About Pignology visit them at

Pignology is a small operation focusing mostly on amateur radio. The company was formed in 2011 when the idea for Pigtail came about. It’s most popular app, HamLog, was released in March 2009 and is constantly updated to add features and functionality. Many of the apps in Pignology’s portfolio are related to portable radio operations, QRP.