Ham Radio 360: Linux in the Hamshack Podcast Crew!

One of my Favorite Ham Radio Podcast’s is Linux in the Ham Shack!  Not that I’m a Linux guy-but I like to be challenged-entertained and taught.  That’s what I get each time I tune into the LHS Podcast-I laugh, I scratch my head and usually walk away with something new!

*insert missing Picture of Russ and Cale from Dayton*

Russ (@K5TUX) and I caught up with one another at Dayton, and decided then-the time had come for a LHS/HR360 show.  Little did he know just how little I know about Linux-even after listening to his show all this time!


Linux is an Amazing Free Tool for Ham Radio Hobbyist to utilize in their shack-aided by the advent of the Micro-Computer (ex: Raspberry Pi) it seems to be popping up everywhere!  Even on some of my old machines.

Like the Pros they are, Russ and Bill are ever-patient with my questions throughout the show!


Debian HamRadio Pure Blend is a great place to start if your looking to get started with Linux in your shack!

Cheryl_With_Beard NE4RD

Cheryl and Bill (@NE4RD) are also in the Mix (minus the beards and hats) to help me get a better understanding on all things Linux-and even to help whip up a quick Summertime Dessert!

We had a great time on and off ‘the air’ and I hope you enjoy the show!


Make sure you give Linux in the Hamshack Podcast a Listen!



Didja See George’s latest KX2 video?


I appreciate everyone of you-Thanks so much for listening!


73 Y’all!



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  1. Cale Cale Cale….

    Loving the ‘cast, having some laughs listening to your show daily. Right now I am listen to the older stuff working my way to the current. Not licensed yet (testing next Thursday for the technician, and lord willing the general) back to back. Anyway, like I said digging the show, and then I came across this ‘lil gem. Already told the Mrs. not to plan on seeing me much on the weekends in the upcoming winter time!!! After hearing this podcast I was like SUH-WEET, Linux and ham radio. Haven’t played with it much in the past two years, but I am a BIG fan of Linux and open source software, and am glad to hear of the support for hams.

    Oh Vey!!! I am in so much trouble!! o)

    Keep up the great work and the content. Wanting to see and hear about some more Linux / Ham stories please

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