Packtenna: Eham Review Page now Active



from the Packtenna Yahoo Group:


Hi all

Quick update for the PackTenna community…
Thanks to Kevin AC2KL, we now have our first review of PackTenna on the E Ham review site.
I would encourage everyone that has an opinion to drop by there and leave a note.  It’s a great way to spread the word on PackTenna and helps encourage people to get out and operate at the same time !
In other news… We got the sample of our next batch of 9:1 PackTenna Mini antennas yesterday from our new assembly house.  All looks good and we gave them the nod to make the next batch.  We hope to have more units in stock in about 10 days.
We have also started ordering parts for another build of the PackTenna classic antenna systems.  It will be a few months until they are complete but we hope to have parts arriving at that assembly house in the next week or so.
Thanks for all the great feedback on the mailing list.  We would appreciate it if you would drop by the E Ham review site and leave your thoughts there as well.
Thanks !
you can find the Packtenna Yahoo Group HERE