Ham Radio 360: Field Day Follow Up and Wayne N6KR from Elecraft

Field Day 2016 is in the books and we’re back with a follow-up show detailing our experiences from the event.

We also have a one on one with Wayne (N6KR) of Elecraft to get even more detailed information on the KX2-from the inside out!

Wayne and John
Wayne (K6KR) and John (KJ6K) with the KX2 at Bay-Net

Additionally, we have a Listener Call-in from Singapore regarding the Workbench Podcast and toss in some bloopers at the end to wind things up.

baynetfd16 Waynefd16 JFD16 jfd2

For More from Bay-Net Click Here

Thanks For Listening, we’ll be back next time with the Gang from LHS Podcast!

73 y’all




added link: The Microphone that Wayne mentioned in the program-



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