Ham Radio: Workbench-1, An Introduction

Join George (KJ6VU) and Jeremy (KF7IJZ) as they introduce “The Workbench”, HamRadio360’s new amateur radio building/making oriented mini-series podcast.  Over the next several episodes, we will deep dive on information, tips, and gear needed to setup and equip your own workbench.  We will later transition to a series of episodes focused on various projects that will be instructive while also producing useful equipment.


The KJ6VU Bench
The KJ6VU Bench
In episode 1, we begin the series with an in-depth discussion of setting up a workbench of your own.  Whether you have fully dedicated lab space or must work off the family kitchen table, George and Jeremy discuss things to consider to create an effective and versatile workspace.


The KF7IJZ Bench
The KF7IJZ Bench

Our Sponsor: Eagle-Cad
Our Sponsor: CadSoft-Eagle

The Bench Itself:

Folding Tables - Lifetime
Ikea - Linnmon / Adils
Ikea - Bekant

Bench Lighting:

LED Linkable Chainable Pull Chain Shoplights by Feit Electric (Costco)

Power Distribution:

Large Strip
IKEA Power Strip with USB   Deskmount
6 Outlet with USB
3 Outlet with USB

Helping Tools:

Omano LED Magnifier
Handheld Magnifier/LED
Desktop Boom Mag
USB Microscope

Static Pads
Static Mats

Workbench Parts Storage:

Medium Bin Storage
Large Bin Storage
Small Bin Storage

12v Tools:
Battery Booster

West Mountain Radio PWRGuard

Powerwerx LVD

Converting DC Power Supplies

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  1. As a HAM newbie, I’ve really enjoyed the HamRadio 360 podcast which has acted as my Elmer introducing me to the plethora of modern Ham Radio concepts and capabilities.

    The new Workbench Series is a fantastic addition to those of us who want to try building stuff. The first episode really hit the mark answering my questions on where to start outfitting my bench. Having watched several DIY programs, (like This Old House, etc.) I see experts doing fun projects but they spend very little time talking about their tools and the considerations of buying those tools. While this first episode might seem a little long, I appreciate the comprehensive coverage of the items to consider (and their tradeoffs) in outfitting an “Electronics Maker Bench”.

    Keep up the great work gentlemen! Right level of content, details and humor 🙂

  2. Workbench is a great idea! I’m impressed you took the approach of starting from the ground up by NOT assuming we all have shops and benches and gear. I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at building. Great introduction George and Jeremy!!


    Circuit Newb

  3. Great podcast guys!

    Will there be a ‘best practices’ for wiring the work/ radio bench? This seems to be a point of conversation among Hams as to how/why/color coding/connector type/etc.

    Grounding and types of grounding would be a great show idea also.

  4. Good links on practical items for the workbench.. I have several PC power supplies which will be a good project. More links to your favorite sites, forums, etc.. I am currently fighting RFI around my neighborhood which is actually allowing me to learn. Take care..


  5. I enjoyed this podcast and I would definitely recommend it. I am a UK listener and I feel that the advice is very useful and relevant. Obviously I won’t be buying any 110v outlets 🙂 but I am sure we can obtain most of the items recommend or a suitable equivalent over here.

    I am just re discovering the radio hobby after a 20 year hiatus. I am keen to get in to making my own equipment. This is something that I have not done before. I think the workbench podcast is going to be a useful resource.

    My work space is limited to a desk located in a spare bedroom. Transforming the room, or indeed even part of it into anything that resembles a lab is not an option. My wife would defiantly retaliate. To maintain peace, I will need to adopt a stealthy approach. I propose an episode on how to assemble a Cloaking device. I will then simply have to choose between using it on the desk or my wife 😉

    Keep up the good work


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