Ham Radio 360: the Maker Faire, IMS and a Major Announcement!

Ham Radio at the Bay Area Maker Faire:  The Bay-Net Group has attended the last 4 years in hopes of spurring interest in the Hobby with the attendees of the Maker Faire and it appears to be working!  George, David and Beric fill in the blanks for those of us not able to attend.



Raspberry Pi, SDR, APRS and Micro Controllers; it was all about Hands on Ham Radio!  A yearly event of Ham Radio Outreach that can be used as a model for all of us as we look for more ways to share our hobby with those yet to come in!


In addition to Maker Faire, George also takes us into the IEEE Int’l Microwave Symposium forums with a recording detailing how University Professors are using Ham Radio in the classroom.


Forum Presentations Linked Here

I also announce the Brand Spanking New Workbench Podcast with George and Jeremy!


the Workbench -New Show to release Next Week to compliment our Bi-Weekly show!  That’s right, a Weekly Dose of HR360 is on the way! Stay Tuned…..


13 Colonies Special Event happens this Weekend!


thanks for listening!

73 Y’all!


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  1. Hey guys. I was excited to hear about the new “Workbench” project. It sounds like a fantastic idea and I’m anxious to listen to the first episode.

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