Ham Radio 360: Field Day 2016 w/ KX9X-ARRL and the Gang

Field Day 2016 is upon us!

Every year Amateurs from all over These United States and Canada spend the 4th weekend of June operating their radios in an effort to hone the craft!

Official 2016 FD Logo

Sean, KX9X, Media and Public Relations Manager for the ARRL comes by to share the Leagues Perspective of the event as well as some tips and tricks to make this Field Day one to remember.

Sean, KX9X

Following Sean; Jeremy and George come in to discuss the plans they are making for FD2016!  Jeremy has a secret, George is planning on playing with Bay-Net and I will be operating with my local club as well.

Bay-Net Field Day with the Magic Delta Loop in the foreground


@ARRL_PR on Twitter

ARRL Field Day Home page

ARRL Field Day Locator

Bay-Net FD2014


*yep, in the intro-I said it wrong, it’s the American Radio Relay League (not amateur).  I’m sure it has noting to do with my dyslexia* your transparent host Cale

KX2 News:

Nick, N3WG, a former guest on the show, and friend from the Bay-Net Group recently posted a Pignology update for all you KX2 Owners: Find it Here on Youtube


Don’t Miss It:

Make Sure You Listen all they way to the end, and then some!  We feature Adam Curry, the Podfather, and his No Agenda Podcast #831 speaking about the upcoming Field Day.


Podcast Featured:

This week Dave Jackson, my Podcast Mentor, from the School of Podcasting shared my story of you (the listener) sending me to Dayton Hamvention!  You can find the show Here!

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  1. At 00:00:55 into the podcast, you mentioned the “Amateur Radio Relay League.” That’s when I hit pause. I’ll decide whether to listen to the rest of the podcast later. Why?

    I’ll leave the clue bat in the corner, but hasten to correct you: it’s the American Radio Relay League.

    1. Correct, must have been one of those Freudian Slips I hear so much about. Thanks for the heads up… K4CDN
      You can press play now-the rest of the show is a lot of fun.

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