Dayton Hamvention Review Shows


Dayton Hamvention 2016

In an effort to make it easy, I’ll post the links to our 2 Dayton Hamvention Review Shows here.  Please remember both of the programs were smashed together at the end of each very busy day.  We worked hard to keep you in the know about all that was happening while we were there and hope you enjoy the shows!

Dayton Day One: Listen Here


Dayton Day Two: Listen Here

ICYMI: Elecraft KX2 with WA6HHQ :Listen Here


for the accompanying show notes and vendor list and links please visit the following pages:

Day One

Day Two

Elecraft KX2

Thanks for listening and 73 Y’all


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Sara KD2DTM with Cale
Sara KD2DTM with Cale

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