Hamvention: Day 2 Whirlwind Weekend!

Whew!  What’a Weekend!!!!  Many, many thanks to you for getting us to #Hamvention 2016!


After a night of less than 1.5 hours sleep, our 2nd day at Hamvention was a Whirlwind!  A great number of listeners stopped by and George sold a load of his Packtenna Minis!

We close out our weekend together with a round-up chat and then it’s onto the Interview Segments.  I hope you enjoy these shows as we strive to help you ‘hear’ what you missed!

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Dinner with BridgeCom Systems!

Links as mentioned in the show:

Airspy – Airspy Mini SDR

KB1HQS –NPOTA Activator (Tallest man at Hamvention)

Connect Systems – CSI/DMR

Vibroplex – CW Keys and more

Linux in the Hamshack – Russ-K5TUX (I love this show!)

Expert Electronics – SDR MB1 Transceiver

Apache Labs – ANAN SDR

Wireless Holdings  – DV4Mini

Bridgecom Systems – 220 Repeaters/HT/Mobile

iPortable – Portable Rack Mount Systems

Yaesu – FT891 (is NOT a 857 replacement!)

TAPR – Steve Bible

Thanks for listening to our adventures!


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