Hamvention: Day One Review


If someone would have told me 12 months ago that I’d be in Dayton right now, I would have laughed them off the radio!

But, here I am, and boy what a day it has been.  I entered the Ball Arena around 10am and the WOW kicked in!  I have to admit I haven’t see much of the show at all!  I did, though, meet a TON of folks who knew me and were excited about the show.  Did I mention I finally got to meet my Co-host of the program for the very first time?





Main Trading Company


Christine, Cale & Richard

We have compiled a ton of interviews ans such for your listening pleasure!

and pictures, oh my we have some pictures to share!


Howabout the forthcoming Kenwood APRS/DStar HT


Sara KD2DTM with Cale
Sara KD2DTM with Cale K4CDN


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Links from Vendors in this show:

N7PUG- Wealthsteading Podcast

Main Trading Company-MTCRadio.com

Begali Keys-CW Keys and Paddles

ICOM America- IC7300

BHI Noise Cancelling – Here

Pro-Audio Engineering – KX3 Heatsink

Gordon West WB6NOA

Alex Loop Antennas

WG0AT Steve

DV-Mega D-Star/DMR

QuickSilver Radio – Hammo Can

ten-tec – Here

HamSource – Ham Parts/accessories

Bioenno Power – Lightweight Batteries


  1. Damn Guys, Just finished listening to Day 1 podcast.. Way to go.. I really enjoyed all the interviews…


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