Ham Radio 360: an Introduction to SDR with KF7IJZ and KF5JNU

Ham Radio 360: SDR (Software Defined Radio)

My Buddies Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Gerald (KF5JNU) are back together and this time they’re taking us into the waters of SDR (Software Defined Radio) for the Amateur Radio Operator.

RTL-SDR Blog Dongle


SDR Radio is loved by some, yet misunderstood by most!  Like anything new, folks tend to steer clear thinking it’s too complex or expensive.  In this show, Jeremy and Gerald break it down into digestible chunks that even Cale can understand!  From the $20 RTL-SDR Dongle as shown above, to the top of the line transceiver-the guys cover it ALL!


SDR# Screen Shot
SDR# Screen Shot


Geralds ‘go to’ SDR is the Airspy, and countless options are available for the hobbyist at differing levels of complexity and cost.  Listen in and determine where you’d like to get started in SDR!





The ANAN  100B HF+6 Transceiver by Apache Labs is not just a listening device, it also is a Full-Power HF Transceiver!


I really appreciate Jeremy and Gerald coming by and priming the SDR Pump, this has been a great launch for an Intensive Study on SDR!

Stay Tuned Folks, we’ll be following this rabbit hole all the way to the bottom!


Make sure to check out the links below!


73 Y’all (See you in Dayton!)



GREAT Source for News and Information

GREAT discussion of the differences between SDRPlay, Airspy, and HackRF:

Hardware – HF Radios

SDR-Console:  http://sdr-radio.com/

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  1. Jeremy and Gerald, great episode! I made about 20 minutes in then got on the ol’ Amazon and purchased the RTL-SDR. Very cool stuff. Can’t wait for follow up programs.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode ( I enjoy most of them actually) and look forward to more details on sdr and other developments in future episodes.

    1. Some have suggested it was a tape measure battle; it was simply Gerald’s beard fighting with his bluetooth mic

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