Ham Radio 360: Fo Time is now HamRadio360.com

Fo Time Podcast is now Ham Radio 360.  As fun as the name was (at first), I found myself always trying to explain what it meant.  Additionally, I felt it also worked to limit our potential audience.  In a long overdue move, we’ve re-branded the show to Ham Radio 360.

New: Official Ham Radio 360 Logo

Ham Radio is  a Fun Hobby!  In an effort to keep it Fun, we decided to do the 50th episode Live and with a Live Video Stream!  You’ll quickly see why we do the show with Audio Only!  Live Radio/Video is always unpredictable and this show lived up to its’ billing!

Big Thanks to all of those who participated in the Reveal!  A great show of support was delivered and it was a ton of fun!  George also announced the winners of the Packtenna Mini Giveaways!


Congrats to:

1.   KF6EFG John McGrath

2.  KE0HRB Todd Solomon

3.  KD4VA Kenneth Dahl

Ham Radio 360 is Fo Time re-branded.  Same Great Content-Same Great Guest-Same Ham Radio Fun!  Your Podcast Player feed should auto-update with to new name.  We do have New Social Media links for you to follow:


Facebook Page

Facebook Group

YouTube Channel



We did Update the focus of the site, now much more than just a Ham Radio Podcast, it’s also an Information Aggregate Site for all of things Ham Radio!  Stop in and find out what some of your Ham Radio favorites are up to!

Remember to pass along the link to the new show!

73 Y’all!!

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the first 90 min of the program are shown above, and provided to me via #Blab.  Luckily I was recording with the mini-recorder.  So about 90 min into the show, the sound quality dips a bit-Sorry, I didn’t anticipate that.  It’s Live!

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  1. Almost couldn’t believe I won a PackTenna!! Thanks guys looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the new layout and name change. Enjoy Dayton and wish I could be there with ya.

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