Ham Radio 360: 10 Meters, Ten-Ten Int’l Net with KR7RK.

Ham Radio: 10 Meters, Ten-Ten International Net with Keith, KR7RK


Like many of his contemporaries, Ketih Schlottman  was drawn to the Amateur Radio Hobby though Shortwave and CB Radios.  After obtaining his licenses Keith became active on HF and soon became a member of the 10-10 International Net.   Keith has served as the groups treasurer since 1994.

I have personally enjoyed operating 10 meters, and always wondered what the 10-10 International Net was.  Keith fills in all the blanks for us in Episode 49!  Listen in to learn what 10-10 is, why it exist, and how you too can participate!

10 meters is an equal opportunity band (28.0-29.7 MHz)!  From the newest rigs to an older Radio Shack mono-band; when 10m is Open-anyone can work it with most anything (wet noodles to modified CB antennas)!  *Technicians have voice privileges in the 10m band, and with Summer coming-now is the time to get ready for some 10m fun!



A few other good resources for propagation, etc:


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