Ham Radio 360: Dayton Hamvention 2016 Pre-Show

Ham Radio: Dayton Hamvention 2016



In a near Earth-Shattering turn of events, the way has been made for Cale to attend the Dayton Hamvention.  Now he needs your help in funding the trip (click photo below for more info).   Hamvention happens every year in May, in Dayton OH, and this year it begins on May 20th.

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Dayton Hamvention is THE Ham Radio Event in the US.  This time through we discuss the Hamvention, what to expect and how to prepare yourself and your wallet!  Veteran show attendees George and Jeremy help walk us through what you can do to have a great Hamvention experience!


Dayton Hamvention 65th Year Celebration

You can find us in Booth BA:406 at Dayton this year!  Packtenna has sponsored our booth and will have their new Ultra-Lightweight  antenna system (pictured below).  Drop by and say ‘hello’ meet the crew and maybe get yourself on the show!

New Packtenna Antenna to debut in Dayton!

Dayton Hamvention, May 20-22, 2016


Thanks for listening and sharing!

73 Y’all!



There’s George in 2012 (Micro-Controller)






  1. I am happy to support the trip to Dayton. I am glad you asked because the podcast is great. Other than buying from MTC (they are right here in Texas and have great prices!), I always look for ways to support podcasts and initiatives that I agree with.

    Great job. I am looking forward to the report from the convention.

    1. Well Jim, we really appreciate the support and promise to deliver another great Hamvention Show! Thanks for listening and participating with us as we explore Ham Radio in Every Direction!

  2. You need to eat at Joes Pizza on Airway Road on the corner of smithville and airway rd. Marion’s Pizza in beavercreek. The Pub at the green.

  3. You can bet I’ll be there! I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    I’ll have the 2016 version of my No Nonsense Extra Class study guide with me as well as some “Hams Obey Ohm’s Law” stickers and my CW Geek buttons.

    I’m also speaking there! My talk, “Having Fun with CW,” will take place on Friday morning at 9:15 am. I’ll be talking about how to get started with and having fun, of course, with CW.

  4. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help support your trip to Dayton! You inspired me to get my Ham license after a lifetime of figuring I was too dumb to pull it off or didn’t have anything to say on the air so why bother. It’s been life-changing for me and I am very grateful for your efforts (and George and Jeremy) and the podcast. (Even though most of the content is still over my head.) A Technician for three weeks … KI7CAN Mary (If Mary CAN anyone can be a Ham!)

    1. Now that’s the kinda stuff we LOVE to hear!!!! Congratulations Mary…and Nice Call too! We appreciate your support and listenership-stick around-we’ll figure this thing out together!
      K4CDN and Crew!

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