Ham Radio 360: Everything Scanners! KF7IJZ w/ K5KVN

Ham Radio: Everything Scanners with Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Kevin (K5KVN)

Kevin K5KVN
Kevin K5KVN

Jeremy and Kevin get together to fill us all in about Scanners and Scanner Listening!  As he eluded to in Episode 40 Kevin is a Scanner-fanatic!  As a matter of fact, it was Scanner Listening that led him into Ham Radio!

Uniden HomePatrol II

Scanning has changed through the years, but the longing to be ‘in the know’ keeps many of us intrigued and the Utility of owning a Scanner is addressed in this show.

the RTL-SDR Blog SDR Receiver is the best deal going!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a degree to get yourself listening to what’s going on around you!


Radio Reference Website

Broadcastify Scanner Listening

Scanner Radio App (what I use on my Droid)

Mobile/Handheld Scanners

Base Station Scanners

SDR/ADSB listening

Thanks for Listening!  73 Y’all!

Cale K4CDN


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Everything Scanners!

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